Designing the Future of Infused Products

Vertosa recognizes the potential, as well as the enormous responsibility, of creating the next generation of cannabis infused products. Never settling for ‘good enough’, we have our eyes on the future of the food & beverage industry, constantly pursuing innovation in order to lift all ships. Here’s how we stay at the front of the pack.

Designing Experience

As the leader in infusion technology, Vertosa creates effective and reliable active ingredients with a laser focus on bioavailability, customization, stability and safety. We know when it comes to active ingredient infusion technology, one size does NOT fit all. But we also go further, designing one-of-a-kind cannabis experiences with our brand partners that consumers can feel, and will keep them coming back, bringing friends and family along for the ride.

The landscape of cannabis is constantly changing, from regulatory updates to supply chain fluctuations to ever-evolving consumer needs and preferences. To succeed in this environment product makers must be able to adapt and innovate ahead of the curve, utilizing active ingredients built on a foundation of versatility and adaptability.

We pride ourselves in providing individualized and scalable active ingredients. Vertosa’s portfolio of emulsion ingredients includes conventional, natural and organic formulas, with options in both liquid and powder form. The versatility of our formulas also frees our partners from the constraints of settling for a single product type or cannabinoid. As a brand and its customers evolve, they can open up a whole new world of multi-functional beverages and beverage enhancers, gummies and confections, mints, supplements, and topical creams and serums – all utilizing Vertosa’s varied superior infusion technology.

Designing Better Sleep

Cannabis is a powerful sleep aid, and is already making a dent as an alternative to over-the-counter sleeping pills. To further expand the accessibility and potential of cannabis in this realm, Vertosa is working with our partner K-Zen to design infused experiences with the minor cannabinoid CBN. K-Zen’s innovative Mad Lilly Sleep Tonic combines 5mg CBN, 3mg THC and aromatic hints of lemon balm and lavender to deliver a consistent and reliable sleep aid experience without the full psychoactive effect of THC.

Designing Cleaner Energy

Minor cannabinoids also hold the key to new experiences and applications in the realm of energy and controlled euphoria. With our partner WUNDER, Vertosa has infused the first cannabis beverage on the market to include Delta-8, a novel cannabinoid that reportedly offers relaxing effects with a lower psychotropic potency. 2mg of Delta-8, 2mg of THC and 4mg of CBD combine to create a gentle wave of relaxation and euphoria, helping users feel engaged and inspired, not sluggish or foggy.

Designing Multi-Functional Experiences

Even when it comes to tried-and-true CBD, there is a whole new world to unlock in combination with other functional ingredients. For example, the industry is seeing significant promise in the combination of CBD and caffeine – busting the myth of the ‘lazy stoner’ and highlighting cannabis as a productive energy enhancer. Vertosa is working with partner Daytrip to develop the next generation of functional energy drinks, combining caffeine and CBD to prolong and steady the energy effect, instead of the spike and crash cycle of traditional energy drinks.

These are just a few examples of the ongoing potential for new experiences with cannabis products. Highlighting unique purpose-driven cannabinoids and combining them with other functional ingredients unlocks a whole new world of growth for this incredibly versatile industry, bringing the benefits of cannabis to an ever-expanding consumer base. Amidst it all, Vertosa is at the forefront, leading by example and developing the products and solutions that will take the industry to new heights.

Designing Science Backed Solutions

The future of the cannabis industry depends on trust – delivering an experience that is reliable and effective for every kind of consumer, every single time. That means successful products should be 0% guesswork. Vertosa is committed to the research community, and to leveraging our portfolio to uncover the truth about the benefits of cannabis.The Vertosa document library provides ongoing research and serves as a critical component of Vertosa’s leadership in the industry, helping to bust age-old myths and solve modern-day problems with robust and reliable data. Our solutions span across various categories: designing new cannabis experience with a beverage in a can or PET bottle through retort processing, tunnel pasteurization, high pressure processing and polyphenols with emulsions.

High pressure processing with PET bottles with Plant Magic

Cannabis products have enormous potential to address big problems – from pain relief to sleep quality to energy enhancement and more. As Vertosa works to design the products that will fill these urgent needs, we know that CBD is just one of numerous purpose-driven cannabinoids that will help us reach the industry’s full potential.

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About The Author:

Austin Stevenson, Chief Innovation Officer

Austin is the Chief Innovation Officer at Vertosa. He leads all commercial activities, including technical sales, tactical marketing, and new business development. Prior to joining Vertosa, Austin leveraged his biotech experience building the regulatory Hemp/CBD testing program for Eurofins Scientific – a world leader in food, environment, and product testing services – where he built and designed quality testing protocols for CVS and other retailers who carry Hemp/CBD products. For over 10 years, Austin has advised start-ups, built businesses, and launched hundreds of new products in finance, technology, and cannabis CPG industries. With an undergraduate degree from Columbia University in New York City, and a Masters of Science from the University of Bath in the United Kingdom, Austin is passionate about creating impact around the world, and designing products that consumers love with Vertosa.