Formulating for Today’s Busy Consumer Seeking Nutrition with Purpose

Constantly on-the-go, today’s consumers are turning to the functional food and beverage aisle for the nutrients they need to support their busy lifestyle. In fact, the on-the-go snacking sub-category has grown into a $1.1 billion market in the U.S.(Nielsen 2018, Booming Snack Sales Highlight a Growth Opportunity in Emerging Markets).What are consumers looking for in their healthy snacks? They are mindfully scoping out clean label products that offer convenience, taste great, and provide specific health benefits. “Snackable” fruits and vegetables—like smoothies, baby vegetables, and dried fruit snack packs—are amongst the most popular forms of better-for-you snacks. Full of antioxidants, molecules that fight free radical damage in the body, fruit and vegetable consumption is an essential part of a healthy diet. Despite these benefits, it is estimated that only 1 in 10 U.S. adults meets the daily federal fruit or vegetable recommendations (CDC 2017, Only 1 in 10 Adults Get Enough Fruit or Vegetables).

NEW Ingredient from FutureCeuticals delivers low-dose fruit and vegetable serving claims

FutureCeuticals has developed a product that enables formulators to deliver fruit and vegetable servings into functional food and beverages, even in applications that require a low-dose or solubility. PhytoServ™ is the new proprietary line of powdered, plant-based extracts that make it possible to deliver convenient and accessible serving claims from the powerful phytonutrients found within fruits and vegetables.

PhytoServ™ delivers the essential phytonutrient content of a serving of fruit and/or vegetable within a small serving size, ideal for capsules, tablets, gummies, functional RTD beverages, and more consumer-friendly applications. This exclusive method of serving claim substantiation connects the essential phytonutrients concentrated in PhytoServ™ extracts to the equivalent found within a ½ cup of fresh fruit and/or vegetables (one serving).

PhytoServ™ is available as single extracts or combination blends. Custom formulation is available. Let FutureCeuticals help bring substantiated serving claims to your label, no matter the application.