Independent Craft Beer Pays Big at Retail

Consumers care about independent craft and there are numbers to prove it. On key measures, independent craft beer outperforms Big Beer acquired brands.

There’s money on the table, and the best way to capitalize on independent craft is with the independent craft brewer seal. This seal quickly identifies brands that are truly independent for beer drinkers. With so many craft look-a-likes, it’s no wonder 92% of consumers want to see the seal and identification of independent brewers.

Using the seal is easy. The Brewers Association has made a suite of point-of-sale materials for almost any situation. Simply download the materials for free at and start cashing in on the independent movement.

Here are the top places consumers have asked to see the seal:

More than 75% of all craft volume has already joined the movement and adopted the seal. With so much support for independence, there’s never been a better time to share the innovative beers you’re passionate about.

Take advantage of independent craft at your retail location by visiting