Personalized Nutrition Driving Use of Science-backed Ingredients

Today’s consumers are taking back control of what they buy, eat and do. A combination of changing dietary advice and enabling technology has helped them to build the confidence to determine their own health choices. As a result they feel motivated and empowered to create the diets they want to follow in order to “feel the difference”. Personalization and customization are at the forefront of addressing these consumer needs.

Personalized nutrition focuses on consumer-specific nutritional needs, which can include infant and toddler nutrition, performance nutrition, and healthy aging as examples. Functional ingredients are often utilized in these types of “tailored for you” food, beverages and supplements and are becoming a trend for a growing consumer base that is taking a “self-care” approach to their health. Consumers are more informed, more skeptical, and much more selective than previously seen, which is causing them to pay more attention to nutritional ingredients in their foods and beverages. Armed with a wealth of information at their fingertips, consumers expect more information and transparency from product manufacturers. In order to successfully market a personalized functional food, beverage, or supplement product, manufacturers are looking to science-backed ingredients to meet this consumer requirement for trust and confidence.

Manufacturers can formulate successful products to meet consumer needs by focusing on two key areas: customizing for specific health benefits based on demographic demands, and formulating with research-backed ingredients. According to a recent survey, 43% of consumers globally prefer products that are personalized to their own needs1. While some consumers may look to promote their overall health and wellbeing, others look for specific benefits such as digestive support or immune health support within the products they consume. Furthermore, consumers also demand the product format to be personalized to their needs and easily fit into their lifestyles. Be it a gummy for easy daily consumption, a beverage that can be quickly mixed on the go, or a snack that can satisfy afternoon cravings – the format of personalized nutrition products can be just as important as the benefits they provide.

Utilizing reputable branded ingredients can offer product differentiation and innovation opportunities within the personalized nutrition products space. These ingredients add value to products and often command a premium, that savvy consumers are willing to pay. Additionally, products backed by science and research can help cut through the noise, providing opportunities to build trust and transparency. Scientific research plays a vital role because it helps validate and communicate a functional ingredient’s benefits and ultimately helps consumers identify the products that will add value to their individual health and wellness goals. As manufacturers look for novel solutions to reach a market of health-conscious consumers, they must understand both the nutritional requirements consumers need and the benefits they most demand.

Personalization crosses product categories and age groups. Because of this, personalized functional foods, beverages and supplements require more investment in ingredients and product solutions to satisfy a wide variety of consumer groups and their nutritional needs.

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