STATIC Episode 3: The Bare Naked Truth

What you see isn’t necessarily what you get, and that’s at the heart of a common marketing practice in the supplement industry, according to Virun NutriBIOsciences®. The company continues its video series, STATIC™, by stripping down this problem, which places consumers at a distinct disadvantage.  The Virun team exposes the supplement industry practice of implying health benefits in product names without proving the benefits exist. STATIC focuses on delivering information to the consumer in a humorous and entertaining format that sheds light on the seamy underbelly of the functional foods, beverages, and supplements markets.


“If you see a product named Cancer-be-Gone, what, as a consumer, goes through your mind?” ponders Virun CEO and Co-founder, Philip Bromley. “Would you think that taking the supplement would make your cancer go away?”

STATIC™ Episode 3 sneaks into a nationwide big box store and looks at several products that use these grey marketing areas to their advantage.

STATIC™ is Virun’s ongoing video series which exposes the inadequacies of the nutrition, beverage and supplement markets. The intent of the series is to educate while also entertaining with irreverent humor. Episode 3 and the STATIC series can be viewed at

Founded in 2003, Virun Nutra-Biosciences® was formed to create nutritious, great tasting and novel formulations for the food, beverage, supplement and pharmaceutical industries. Located in Pomona, California, Virun is a fully-integrated research, production and manufacturing facility that quickly conceptualizes ideas to create innovative custom bulk blends and finished products for contract manufacturing. Virun is the only biotechnology company that owns over 80 patents worldwide and develops technology around biochemistry practices. The company came to notoriety with its Esolv® OmegaH2O® technology, which incorporates omega-3 EPA DHA into clear, shelf-stable beverages without a fishy taste, all the while using their clean label claim emulsifier, Esolv®. VIRUN’s other innovative solutions and brands include Probiferrin™ CoQ10, branded as Esolv® CoenzymeClear®, Esolv® AstaxH2O®, PQQ branded as Esolv®PQQwater®, Esolv® lutein, Esolv® phytosterols, and Esolv® curcumin.