Supplier Corner: What Emerging Bands Can Teach Us About Marketing

When bands perform at major music festivals, their goal is to both entertain their loyal fans and become exposed to a new audience who can increase their fan base. You may think it’s far fetched, but you have a lot in common with emerging artists. Artists’ fans, in some ways, are like the brands you want to do business with. Both bands and suppliers / service providers favor using events to engage their audience, so you can relate to festivals like Glastonbury, Lollapalooza and Coachella which give emerging artists the ideal event and atmosphere to accomplish their goals.

Consider Lollapalooza specifically. Bands sign on and their names are posted to the lineup card which is pretty good exposure. Acts with significant awareness like Ariana Grande, The Strokes and Twentyone Pilots will sell tickets. But is that enough for newcomers like Yoshi Flower, Scarypoolparty or Bishop Briggs to expect fans to come see them? Will they achieve their goal of having a packed house of loyal fans while acquiring the next generation of listeners? Not likely. Unlike a headliner, they will be competing with other bands across multiple days and stages.

Artists work really hard across channels pre, during and even post-event to promote their Lollapalooza performance. Through a combination of content creation in social media and on their websites, advertising, direct mail, email, song releases and interviews with radio and press (PR), they will increase awareness ahead of the performance to optimize the experience.

For a flavor company, co-packer, product formulator, agency or design shop- your Lollapalooza, Glastonbury and Coachellas are ExpoWest, IFT, NACS, NOSH Live, BevNET Live and the list goes on. You go to meet your loyal customers and work to meet your next partners. Driving awareness before the event is very important to the efficiency of your networking and the effectiveness of your event.

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