vnlla Extract Co for Beverage Professionals

Symrise Flavors North America has recently launched its first consumer brand, the vnlla Extract Co., that is here to help brewers, distillers, and RTD beverage brands standout in a crowded alcohol category with its line of sustainable Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla products.

Vanilla, more than any other ingredient, has long been a popular conjurer of emotional connections and nostalgia for people all over the world, from indulgent childhood vanilla milkshakes to tropical vanilla cocktails. Vanilla is a global favorite with demand as high as ever; it is the world’s number one flavor direction. The United States alone consumes 50% of vanilla produced each year!

Symrise, a pioneer in the vanilla industry, started over a century ago. Its experience in the industry has evolved into an obsession with excellence, sustainability, community, and innovation. Symrise’s vanilla, with its rich yet delicate and nuanced complexity, is the best-in-class secret behind some of the world’s biggest brands and most beloved products. This secret ingredient is now open to any beverage professional looking to add the standout taste of pure vanilla to their beverage offerings, available through the vnlla Extract Co. and their new dedicated e-commerce site.

The flagship product is vnlla Pure Vanilla Extract, made from three simple ingredients – vanilla bean extract, water, and alcohol. It contains no artificial flavors, colors, or added sugar. The vnlla Extract Co. offers a range of bottle sizes to fit the needs of home cooks to professional chefs and large commercial facilities.

Creating a premium product goes beyond flavor, of course: sustainability is a rising concern for modern consumers who are looking for the best for not only themselves but for the world around them.

“At Symrise, sustainability has always been an integral part of our business model. For our beverages business, this goes beyond maintaining a portfolio of sustainable beverage solutions as sustainability is becoming a really hot topic in the market,” said Ahmed Nour, Director, Business Unit Beverages at Symrise. “In light of the many disruptors in the beverage market sustainability has recently scored really high! Consumers want brands to embrace sustainability not only through packaging and carbon or water footprint, but also through traceability of all-natural ingredients used in the beverage.”

Premium vanilla extract starts with premium, sustainably sourced beans. vnlla’s Bourbon vanilla beans are grown and harvested by the company’s 7,000+ partner farmers across the SAVA region of Madagascar where each farmer carefully hand-pollinates each vanilla orchid, ensuring sustainable practices and full supply chain transparency.

The vnlla Extract Co. works closely with local farmers and partners with NGOs and local communities to improve cultivation practices, ensuring traceability and premium quality year after year. This hands-on approach and commitment to sustainable practices creates a circle of sustainability, benefiting everyone by creating, using, and enjoying a product that feels and tastes good down to the last drop.

“Our premium vnlla Extract Co. extracts are perfect for any beverage application because we start with the highest quality vanilla beans sourced directly from partner farmers in Madagascar,” said Matthew Amato, Vanilla Product Manager. “The beans are slowly cured using traditional techniques then skillfully extracted giving our products the rich vanilla flavor and aroma you only get when you are closest to the source!”

In addition to their Pure Vanilla Extract, for the first time ever, the vnlla Extract Co. is now offering for purchase online access to their supply of Madagascar Bourbon Grade A Vanilla Beans –something typically reserved for the world’s largest brands.

Gourmet Grade A signifies that the beans are of the highest quality with a moisture content of at least 30%, filled with fragrant vanilla caviar. Slowly cured using traditional techniques, these beans are a deep, dark brown that showcase the alluring aroma of sweet fig and chocolate notes. Beans are traditionally processed and slowly cured under the Malagasy sun using traditional, sustainable techniques passed down over generations

The vnlla Extract Co.’s line of vanilla products was created to help brands explore and invent new ways to bring the favorite flavor of vanilla to the beverage category, especially to the rising trends within the alcohol category. The full line of vnlla Extract Co. products are a perfect addition to:

  • Barrel-aged, imperial, pastry stouts, and other beer styles
  • Ready-to-drink cocktails
  • Hard seltzers

The vnlla Extract Co. line of sustainable vanilla products deliver inspiration, unleash creativity, and create more possibilities for professional beverage producers who seek to use only premium and sustainable ingredients.

To learn more about the vnlla Extract Co. and their offerings for brewers, distillers, and RTD beverage brands, check out their site!