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Please read the following guidelines, which will help you understand what types of submissions are acceptable / not acceptable to submit to BevENT. Please note that we reserve the right to alter press release headlines or reject any submission with or without notice based on our own editorial discretion. Approved press releases are posted on a schedule that is the sole discretion of BevNET. Please do not follow up checking on the status.

Understanding what we cover: BevNET’s primary areas of coverage are non-alcoholic ready-to-drink beverages and spirits sold in the U.S. and Canada with an emphasis on new products, investment, and distribution. This includes finished consumer beverage products, shots, and powdered and instant beverages (as well as the ingredients used in them).

Examples of newsworthy submissions: Copy-edited press releases for product launches, production, distribution, hiring, product design, sales, marketing, company development (ex. acceptance to accelerator program), or investment.

Examples of submissions that are NOT acceptable: Press releases regarding wine (we don't cover wine), drink recipes, holiday gift guides, appliances (e.g. coffee makers, water carbonators, juicing machines, etc.), on-premise service at hotels / bars / restarurants, DTC deal promotions, research reports, one-off events, Kickstarter / crowdfunding campaigns, brands sold outside the US or Canada, website redesigns, awards or accolades from third-parties. Finally, your press release should have news -- promotional pieces will not be considered.

Are you submitting a PR that is beer related? Press releases for beer or beer-related items such as non-alc beer, flavored malt beverages, and "hard" beverages should be posted on

Are you submitting a PR that is for a non-RTD tea or coffee related? Press releases for items such as tea bags and coffee beans should be posted on

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