Hygenic Pigging Systems

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What We Do HPS specialises in liquid product recovery, transfer and hygienic (or sanitary) pigging systems. In other words, we provide systems and solutions which help businesses that process liquids increase their profits, improve their efficiency and reduce their environmental impact. This is by recovering product rather than wasting it, while at the same time making pipeline cleaning easier and product transfer quicker, less labour intensive and more reliable. Why Choose HPS There are a whole range of reasons businesses choose to work with HPS. Our systems typically pay for themselves in a few months. Our friendly, experienced and highly knowledgeable staff provide great solutions along with excellent customer service. What’s more our products are unique, innovative and above all extremely effective. Our Services HPS started business in 1995. We’ve expanded significantly since then, mainly through ‘word of mouth’. This is because we’re good at what we do! We’ve successfully commissioned well over 1200 systems and offer a wide range of services: from design and installation to support and after-sales care. We provide systems for everything from perfume to paint, from wine to pet food, and just about everything in between. We create, manufacture and implement solutions tailored specifically to each of our client’s needs. Our Products Key to our success is our unique, patented design of flexible, bi-directional and fully detectable Hygienic Pigs. Manufactured to FDA standards and up to 200 mm (8 inches) in diameter, our pigs recover up to 99.5% of product. They will clean around bends, and have a silicon-based flexible magnetic core with no solid magnets. Our pigs are fully detectable so we can provide automated computer controlled pigging systems. As well as pigs we provide specialist valves which, like our pigs, can be ‘cleaned in place’, as well as advanced automatrix and rotomatrix piggable product distribution systems. Get In Touch HPS originally stood for Hygienic Pigging Systems, but now we prefer to be known as HPS Product Recovery Solutions. We deliver on our promises, so if your company processes liquids and you need to improve your efficiency and reduce your environmental impact, contact HPS!


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  • Neil O'Connor President of USA Division

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