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DSM Nutritional Products is the world's premier nutritional ingredient manufacturer and supplier to producers of foods and beverages. It offers an international network of R&D, production, applications development, custom nutrient blending and distribution facilities as well as sales and marketing presence in more than 100 countries. Its extensive product portfolio includes user friendly formulations for all the fat and water soluble vitamins, carotenoids for coloration and fortification, highly refined ROPUFA® Omega-3 & Omega-6 Fatty Acids & novel nutraceuticals. Utilizing its extensive resources, DSM Nutritional Products keeps its customers ahead of the ever-changing marketplace, anticipating customer needs as nutritional trends develop and customer demands evolve.DSM Nutritional Products has created a new beverage fortification website (www.pourontheprofits.com) designed to showcase the new business opportunities for today's beverage manufacturers when they partner with DSM. The new website shows how DSM's market knowledge and broad portfolio of healthful ingredients can add value to the brands of beverage manufacturers while its expertise in beverage science and fortification can develop customized blends for customers that help them gain competitive advantage.Beverage manufacturers also learn how DSM can help them package nutrition in beverage blends, enabling them to satisfy the growing consumer demand for better nutrition. QUALI-BLENDS provides beverage manufacturers with the exact ingredients they need in homogenous, customized blends, which enable them to reduce the costs of quality control, warehousing and processing while assuring them of high-quality products and services. QUALI-BLENDS encompasses vitamins, carotenoids, and an extensive range of nutritional ingredients, minerals, amino acids and natural extracts, which are formulated into customized dry and liquid premixes. DSM's carotenoids bring more life to your beverage by adding deep, rich color and important nutrients, giving them the appeal and healthfulness today's consumers' are seeking. Our carotenoids offer you a vast assortment of exciting color choices, ranging from subtle yellow to vibrant red. They can be formulated into your applications singly or mixed to produce a virtually unlimited number of tantalizing color tones and shades, enabling us to match your exact product specifications and market strategies.DSM's extensive portfolio of healthful ingredients for beverages includes: Teavigo® high-purity EGCG from green tea, ALL-Q a coenzyme Q10 with exceptional bioavailability ' ROPUFA® Omega-3 and Omega-6 PUFAs, redivivo® lycopene, PeptoPro® hydrolyzed casein peptide for sports drinks, Fabuless breakthrough satiety ingredient, OPTISHARP® zeaxanthin and FloraGLO® lutein for eye health ' Resvida ®, a high-potency, pure form of resveratrol, Vitamin E 15% CC, a clear, colorless form of Vitamin E for beverages.Whether you are a branded beverage company, a private-label manufacturer or entrepreneur, DSM Nutritional Products is eager to work with you, providing a customized nutrient solution that brings together our unique blend of quality and experience in market research, nutrition science, product development, blending and beverage development. Working with you during every phase, we'll help you explore, develop and market highly appealing beverages containing DSM products. Utilizing our extensive resources, we can keep you ahead of the marketplace that is increasingly emphasizing healthier lifestyles ' expanding your sales and mixing more profit potential into your future.


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