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Services: PR, Marketing, Ad Agency


TMMG is a marketing rep. firm that specializes in Mobile Marketing technology for promotions and marketing campaigns. Imagine if you added TEXT "Beverage" to 90901 to your caps, labels, advertisements, website, etc. and you were able to respond with a text message directing your new customers or potential customers to do whatever you wanted them to do as well as capture their cell phone numbers for future campaigns. We have a web based software available that will allow you to do just that and change your marketing campaigns at any time.

Mobile Marketing is the wave of the future to reach potential customers for marketing campaigns, promotions, information, etc. If you are not doing mobile marketing, video email marketing, or voice broadcasting you are potentially missing new customers.

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Other Services:
Custom website design, hosting, ecommerce, brand merchandising.
Video e-mail marketing campaigns with tracking capabilities.
Voice Broadcasting mobile messages.


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