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For over 40 years Stiebs Pomegranate Products has been a global leader in the processing of industrial ingredient pomegranate products. Long before this remarkable fruit became widely recognized for its health benefit and vibrant taste, Stiebs was setting the standard for quality and customer service in the pomegranate industry.

From our single strength and concentrated juice products, to our industry leading aril division, to our development of pomegranate seed oils, extracts and pomaceuticals ingredients, Stiebs has pioneered the industrial processing of this extraordinary fruit. At our state-of-the-art facility in the pomegranate heartland of the California?s San Joaquin Valley, we constantly work to refine our juicing and extraction methods, while offering our portfolio of industry-leading clients five types of filtration and two kinds of pasteurization technology.

Just as the face of the modern pomegranate industry has changed, so has Stiebs Pomegranate Products. Intailly dedicated to industrial pomegranate products, Stiebs has answered the call of our customers asking for additional Superfruit products by adding top-quality Acai, Mangosteen, Blueberry, Goji, Kiwi and other products to our line. Enjoying longstanding relationships with top growers, and a cutting edge research and development program, Stiebs has the experience, knowledge, and commitment to deliver our clients the finest pomegranate and other Superfruit industrial ingredients on the market.