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We're mobile marketing vehicle veterans, and we've taken our knowledge and expertise to develop our own custom vehicle. It's called "The Aardy", and it's the coolest, most innovative vehicle to hit mobile marketing in years.

The Aardy is GREEN (it's all electric), and built in the U.S.A. Best of all, you can choose from one of our stock models, or it can be completely customized for your specific need.

Our patent-pending design is small enough to fit inside of malls and airports, and large enough to produce thousands of consumer interactions daily. Oh, it's street legal too!

Use multiple Aardys in one city for a Center City Blitz, or use our specially designed Aardy trailers to cart them around the country. It's like having multiple mobile marketing vehicles without the added expense.

We rent Aardys, we sell Aardys, and we can customize Aardys. It's such a versatile and unique vehicle that you're probably looking at the pictures thinking of clever uses for it right now. And we don't blame you one bit! It's THAT good!

Supplies are limited so stop reading and contact us today!


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