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Açai Roots™ is a San Diego-based company that supplies Amazon-grown açaí products. The company was founded in 2005 by three "cariocas" (expression used to describe people born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) who wanted to bring the authentic and healthy Rio-style açaí into the United States. Not just the berry, the lifestyle!

Our 100% natural açaí products are made with native wild crafted açaí berries from the finest crops in the Amazon region - harvested from Belem.

Açaí is a powerful antioxidant and natural energy booster that provides a lot of different benefits to its consumers. The berry scores 67% higher in antioxidants composition than pomegranate, and over 500% more than in the blueberry.

Açai Roots has a broad product line to serve all consumers needs. Products are currently available online and in several locations including, but not limited to: Whole Foods, Henrys, Max Muscle, 24h Fitness, Publix, Froots.

Açai Roots supports the sustainable harvesting of açaí berries in the Brazilian Amazon, which helps protect the rainforest and supports local communities.

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