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Alcohol Killer USA, Inc. is the US exclusive importer of KILLER brand beverages. ALCOHOL KILLER® is the only natural beverage in the world that lowers BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) on average 40% quicker than nature alone.
Kill Your Hangover Naturally™!

SPACElab Ltd, based in the EU, is the partner company of ALCOHOL KILLER USA, Inc., and is the manufacturer of the KILLER brand beverages, part of the MAKES YOU FEEL BETTER™ product line of beverages distributed in 27 countries. Introduced to European markets in 2004 by SPACElab Ltd, the KILLER brand represents a line of pleasantly flavored beverages enhanced with herbal extracts and prepared using unique combinations of high-quality natural ingredients and spring water from the Austrian Alps. ALCOHOL KILLER® was the original KILLER brand beverage and the first product to launch the new concept of functional beverages internationally. The KILLER brand now includes five beverages available internationally: ALCOHOL KILLER®, BODY FAT KILLER®, CELLULITE KILLER®, AGE KILLER®, FREE RADICALS KILLER®. In 2007, ALCOHOL KILLER USA, Inc. was established in the United States to represent the KILLER brand beverages in North America.

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