Apogee Foods

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Services: Bottling, Co-Packing , Services: Product Development, Services: Trucking, Warehousing, Logistics


Our facility is strategically designed and gives us the ability to offer both large scale and small scale manufacturing so we can accommodate clients of all sizes. We assist our partners in the development, testing, and production of all kinds of natural foods including snacks, bars, extruded products, dry mixes, baked goods, dehydrated products, and chocolate enrobed.


Snacks - We help emerging and established brands develop snack recipes that keep customers coming back. We create all kinds of products including snack mixes, granola, bites, and more.

Bars - Snack bars offer customers a solution for eating healthfully on the go. We can assist you in creating all kinds of natural bars including sports nutrition bars, weight management bars, functional bars, breakfast bars, and more.

Extruded Products - Extruded products are a favorite of busy consumers and we make some of the best. Partner with us to create bites, bars and other extruded foods.

Bakery - Who doesn’t like brownies, cookies, pies, muffins, and dessert bars? We’ll help you become a family favorite with your sweet gluten-free treats.

Chocolate Enrobed Products - Let our "waterfall" of chocolate enrobe your products to create a delicious coating of rich chocolate. Our recipe development team can help you strike the right formula.

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