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Philosophy of RED HEEL™
The Party Drink™
RED HEEL™ The Party Drink™ is a unusual sophisticated Party Drink™ and energy
drink - the new drink of the 21st Century.

Design of the Trademark RED HEEL™
The Party Drink™
The design of RED HEEL™ looks gracefully, naughty stylish elegant,
just sophisticated, presenting a very exceptional product and
eyecatcher for the consumer.

The Party Drink™ RED HEEL™
Carbonated, non alcoholic, fruity drink with nearly no calories.
For reasons of the corporate design and corporate communication, the color of the liquid drink is in red to.
RED HEEL™ is a "must" for every bar, lounges, discos, clubs, exclusiv hotels and restaurants, a drink for home parties with young and the allways staying young audience.

RED HEEL™ The Party Drink™ is a global registered Trademark No.860307.
U.S. Trademark Reg.No.3,174,317

VAT-No.686 076


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