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BUFF® was engineered to be the most ADVANCED Sports Performance Fitness Water you can buy. Don't load up on sugars and carbohydrates, refuel your muscles and power your workout with BUFFWATER®.BUFF WATER, Inc. was founded in 2009 in Dallas, Texas. BUFF® is currently sold in several states nationwide. Primarily sold out of nutraceutical supplement shops and gyms, we are now looking to transition into the open market and cross-over into more channels of distribution. BUFF® is an innovative, first-to-market creatine precursors plus electrolytes enhanced bottled water. We offer five different flavors: Lemon-Lime, Mango, Berry, Green Tea, and Blue Freeze (raspberry). They are packaged in 16 oz. Bottles - 24 per case. More information about the company and product(s) can be found at: www.buffproducts.comBUFFWATER®:BUFF® consists of a powerful blend of creatine precursors, Glycocyamine (which is a naturally occurring compound in the human body that's actually the precursor of creatine), Betaine, and Electrolytes. Glycocyamine delivers creatine-like results, including improved performance, delayed muscle fatigue, and greater-than-normal gains in both muscle size and strength. Electrolytes are there to keep the body energized and hydrated.Glycocyamine should be taken along with creatine. Supplementation can ensure a more powerful effect from the use of creatine. Glycocyamine also appears to be very effective for those who see no benefits from creatine. In other words, it turns creatine "non-responders" into "responders."


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