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Big Earth Brands is a Canadian based functional beverage company. Established in 2006 by David Rankine, Paul Paterson & Dayan Henson, Big Earth Brands specializes in innovative, better for you & truly functional hydration options.

Big Earth Brands entered the North American marketplace with the introduction of Vital Lifestyle Water, the first enhanced water in North America to use the revolutionary 100% all-natural sweetener Fruit Up®. Vital Lifestyle offers specific functional benefits in a low calorie format. Big Earth Brands Ltd. recently launched Vital Action Performance Water, the 100% all-natural, multi-functional enhanced water targeted at extreme/action athletes to aid in Immunity, Energy, Stamina and Recovery.

Vital Action Performance Water is available in select convenience and grocery retailers on both coasts of the Unites States; Vital Lifestyle Water largely propagates specialty natural food centers in the Unites States and Canada.
Big Earth Brands Ltd. will continue to set new standards in beverage innovation by providing the best in functional refreshment.

Company News

Vital Action Performance Water: multi-functional flavored water for athletes


Los Angeles, California (July 21, 2008) – Big Earth Brands Ltd. announced today its new multi-functional flavored Vital Action Performance Water (VAPW) targeted at action sports athletes will launch in Summer 2008. VAPW is the first in the niche market of performance waters to utilize Fruit Up Premium, the innovative 100% all natural sweetening system made from a blend of clear fruit such as apples …