Bossa Nova Superfruit Company LLC


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The Bossa Nova Superfruit Juice Company researches, explores and delivers nature’s most potent superfruits. Headquartered in Cincinnati, OH, Bossa Nova introduced its antioxidant-rich açai juice in the North American market in 2005. Bossa Nova broadened its product line to include 10 total superfruit flavors: Organic Açai Original, Organic Açai Blueberry, Organic Açai Mango, Acerola Mango, Organic Açai Passionfruit, Organic Açai Raspberry, Acerola Red Peach, Mangosteen Passionfruit, Mangosteen Dragonfruit, and Goji Berry Tart Cherry. Beverages Holdings, LLC, acquired Bossa Nova in 2009, enabling the company to take advantage of its world class supply chain and manufacturing practices. Available in 10-oz. and 32-oz. bottles, Bossa Nova superfruit juice beverages are calorie-conscious and lightly sweetened with low-glycemic agave.

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