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Seja bem vindo! Welcome to Brazil Botanicals. We are dedicated to bringing to you the very best from the world’s largest rainforest found right in our own Amazon basin. We are dedicated to the preservation of all of the world’s precious rainforests. We know that as we promote and support sustainable wild harvest from these areas they become more highly esteemed among the locals. This not only supports local economies but protects the rainforests. We believe that most of the hand picked wild harvested crops that are not cultivated contain higher levels of phytochemicals and therefore are more potent.

We are proud to be the exclusive online distributor for Dr. Tim’s Exotic Juices. We found that Dr. Tim’s attention to quality and detail results in one of the best product lines available. He even developed the trademark process known as "Cryoflux" which protects the bioactivity of the phytochemicals occurring naturally in these fruits. This process allows for a unique cold processing concentration of the fruit juices that makes them taste so good.

After developing a state of the art surgical practice Dr. Tim went on to build a nationally renowned consulting business in healthcare. His outstanding results as a business consultant resulted in expanding his services beyond just healthcare. This led to working with international companies. Dr. Tim was among the first to recognize the Acai berry as one of the worlds "superfoods". While researching the Acai berry deep in the Amazon he discovered among many other things the amazing natural benefits of young green coconut water. He is known as an expert in Asia and Polynesia for his work with the fruits indigenous to their respective areas.

All of Dr. Tim’s products must strictly adhere to the basic tenets of the oath he took many years ago "first do no harm". Then they must be natural and have real measurable effects. And finally they must be affordable. We search the world over to bring the very best to you. You can trust that Dr. Tim’s ISO-5, Vitela-H2O, Jungle Juice and Exotic Juices are "Mother nature made, Doctor recommended".

Have Fun, Drink More, Live Active…It’s what the Doctor ordered! to your skin.

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