Bulldog Americas Corporation


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Bulldog Americas Corporation was founded in 2007 as the exclusive Importer, Manufacturer, and Master Distributor of The Bulldog Energy Drink in Canada.

Tracing its roots back to Amsterdam, The Netherlands, The Bulldog Energy Drink is a product of The Bulldog Company / Leidseplein Beheer B.V. which founded in 1975 by Henrikus "Henk" J. M. de Vries.

The Bulldog Company owns several restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and lounges in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. They own The Bulldog Hotel in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and The Bulldog Silver Star resort at Silver Star Mountain, British Columbia, Canada. They also own a full line of The Bulldog clothing and lifestyle accessories.

Watch for The Bulldog Energy Drink coming to Canada in mid-2007. For distribution inquiries, please contact Bulldog Americas Corporation.

Bulldog Americas Corporation is headquartered in Wichita, Kansas, USA with offices in Chicago, Illinois, USA and Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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