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Bulletproof Brands Inc. was founded in 2010 with the mission to help wounded veterans. Bulletproof is veteran-owned. Bob Dohlke is one of the founders of Bulletproof and is a 20+ year Air Force Veteran. He flew over 8,000 missions and 900 combat missions in his career. He is a recipient of "The Distinguished Flying Cross with Valor." He is a true American Hero.
At Bulletproof Energy, we believe in two things:
1- Make great tasting energy drinks.
2- Give back to our wounded veterans with every can sold.
At Bulletproof Energy, we to take 5 cents of every can sold and donate those dollars directly to foundations that support our wounded troops! We are very proud to be able to provide help to our wounded vets.
We are in stores throughout Northern California and on Navy and Marine Bases in Southern California
Buy and drink Bulletproof Energy and help us support our wounded United States military personnel.


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