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Services: Trucking, Warehousing, Logistics


Carrier Procurement Services, LLC, (C.P.S.) has developed a unique niche within the transportation chain to serve as a "Shippers-Agent" for our clients. By serving as a "Shippers-Agent", C.P.S. utilizes the same tools and resources that the third party logistics companies use, while eliminating the need for third party logistics and reducing transportation costs by up to 20%.

10 Quick Questions:

· With the economy in the state it is, do you believe it is essential to reduce costs?
· Is your company focused on reducing transportation costs?
· Do you utilize long-term contracts with your carriers?
· Do you base your carrier selection process on your carrier?s rates?
· When your regular carrier is not available do you call the next carrier on your list, who?s rates are actually higher than your regular carrier?
· Do you wish you had the time and resources to research the market to see if you can save money on each of your shipments, before you pay regular price, or more?
· Are you willing to explore new possibilities that will substantially reduce your transportation costs?
· Do you consider a 5 to 20% reduction in transportation costs significant?
· Would you consider working with a shippers-agent to achieve these savings?
· Are you willing to spend a few minutes at our website, to learn more?

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