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Cervejaria Baumgartner starts its activities in 2001 as a micro-brewery and its goal is to maintain the tradition of our country producing quality beer. Begins producing "Chopp Glarus", Glarus draft beer, its first product, and thus pays tribute to the origin of Baumgartner family. Located in Ipeúna-Sao Paulo, famous for unparalleled quality of water used in production, combined with its 100% stainless steel modern equipments, and a rigorous quality control, maintained by professionals of high-capacity, including "prize-winners" brewery-masters, we can ensure that "our priority is the quality!".
As in Draft-beer, bottled Glarus beer, maintains our affirmation in quality.
As a small Brazilian company, our success relies in innovative products. We patented the invention of "PingoBier" (Brazilian brand for a product that transforms regular beer in dark beer).
Recently "Cervejaria Baumgartner" also developed a special type of Caipirinha. "Caipirinha is Brazil's national cocktail made with Cachaça, sugar and lime. Cachaça is Brazil's most common distilled alcoholic beverage. Like rum, it is made from sugarcane; however, cachaça is made from sugarcane juice whereas rum is made from molasses, a byproduct of the sugar refining process. It is common to substitute vodka or rum in drinks made with cachaça, including the Caipirinha.
We say that our product is special because no other company, in our view, made it tastes so similar to the original fresh Caipirinha made by a bartender, as we did.
Several types of drinks are also being produced.
Enter our web site, ask other Brazilian companies, and you will see for yourself that doing business with the "Cervejaria Baumgartner" is nice and pleasant.
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