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There’s no debating quality, you either have it or you don’t. Customers want it and exploding sales across all premium categories prove they are willing to pay for it. Mixers aren’t exempt from this. However, traditional mixers are unable to take advantage of this shift in consumer expectations -- they have been produced inexpensively to compete on price.

We do things differently. Our mixers are positioned as high quality alternatives in a segment crowded with low cost, low quality brands. For example, our Taste of Florida Pina Colada is loaded with real cream of coconut and 21% pineapple juice. You may be surprised to learn that most other brands don’t use any real cream of coconut or pineapple juice in their pina coladas. In fact, the leading brand uses only 4% pineapple juice. Another example would be our Taste of Florida Rum Runner made with an astonishing 93% real juice -- nothing else is even close.

It’s simple, real juice makes a better cocktail. That’s why our Pina Colada was recently awarded a “Highly Recommended” rating from the Internationally renowned Beverage Testing Institute in Chicago, IL. – a rare score among mixers.

The same holds true for our Wild Olive Ultimate Martini Mixers which are made with up to 59% real juice – again the highest in the business.

As the market continues to shift towards quality products, our brands represent a significant opportunity both on and off premise. Be exclusive, make great margins and offer your customers something exceptional.


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