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Philanthropic Coca-Cola Veteran to Retire

ATLANTA — The Coca-Cola Company today announced Senior Vice President of Global Community Connections and Chair of The Coca-Cola Foundation, Ingrid Saunders Jones, will retire after 30 years of distinguished service with the Company, effective June 1.

A well-respected global leader, Jones joined The Coca-Cola Company in 1982 and has held roles of increasing responsibility around the Company’s corporate giving and community outreach. She has …

Coca-Cola Encourages Second Screen Interaction With Super Bowl Ad

Out with the polar bears, in with the showgirls. On Tuesday, Coca-Cola launched an interactive campaign centered around its Super Bowl ad, which displays cowboys, badlanders (a biker gang), and a bus full of showgirls in the middle of the desert.

Coca-Cola Addresses Obesity In New TV Spot

In response to growing concerns about rising rates of obesity in the U.S., the Coca-Cola Co., Inc. has produced a two-minute video advertisement, that “encourages everyone to be mindful that all calories count in managing your weight, including those in Coca-Cola products and in all foods and beverages,” according to a statement released today by the company.

Coke, Pepsi, ABA Join Forces to Fight NYC Anti-Soft Drink Ads

Beverage industry’s top soda manufacturers are having a Howard Beale moment. Tired and frustrated by New York City’s longstanding ad campaign linking soft drinks to obesity, Coca-Cola and PepsiCo are mad as hell, and they’re not going to take it anymore! Now, Coke and Pepsi are working with the ABA to roll out a new ad campaign in NYC that touts new lower-calorie beverages and smaller package sizes to show that industry is doing its part in the fight against obesity.

Full Throttle Energy Drink announces launch of new Full Throttle Hydration


ATLANTA, July 2, 2008 – Once again,
Full Throttle is inviting guys to “Go Full Throttle or Go Home” – this time with the launch of Full Throttle Hydration, a
new, noncarbonated energy drink packed with electrolytes and charged with Full Throttle’s special energy/vitamin blend. As the brand’s first non-carbonated energy drink, Full
Throttle Hydration provides thirst-quenching taste and maximum drinkability. Its
tropical mix flavor


ATLANTA, GA — On the heels of the successful launch of Full Throttle® energy drink in late 2004, Coca-Cola North America is gearing up to expand its growth in the energy drink category with the introduction of Sugar Free Full Throttle®.

Sugar Free Full Throttle will hit shelves nationwide in mid-August, primarily at local convenience stores, with additional availability in other retail locations. Sold in …

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