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Crazy Horse Beverages proudly offers Crazy Horse Energy Drink as THE alternative to the leading staple. Pure Energy... uniquely formulated with a healthier you in mind. Harnessing a complete group of B Vitamins has given Crazy Horse a definite advantage in this over saturated category, allowing the Consumer to get that extra edge for whatever activity they want to do without any jitters or sugar rush... JUST Energy. Crazy Horse allows one to Ride their energy or as we commonly state Enjoy the Ride ! Just one taste and our strikingly smooth taste will have you hooked. Our refreshing, lighgtly carbonated beverage packs a quality taste without the aftertaste and its so aggressively priced you won't mind passing the savings on to your own Customers. Alone or mixed,Crazy Horse Energy Drink will not let you down. Afterall Who needs wings to Enjoy their Ride?


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