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Located in the South Pacific are the islands of Fiji, the native home of Aqua Pacific Natural Mineral Water, which could quite possibly be the purest and cleanest mineral water you will ever drink. We are proud to say that from when the water naturally leaves it’s source, until the first time you open the bottle, it remains untouched, with only nature having intervened.....

Here is a little of the fascinating story behind this remarkable, refreshing water;

Aqua Pacific Natural Mineral Water comes from a totally natural source, filtered and cleansed through miles of prehistoric rock channels, the water is enriched with naturally occuring minerals before finally being pushed through a Aquifer, using only the forces of mother nature to pump it from the ground.

Aqua Pacific started when the founder of Frezco Beverages, Altaaf Mohammed, took a trip to the USA to further his knowledge and education about bottled waters, and mineral waters. After doing this, he returned home to his native Fiji with the new realisation that mineral water was no longer just a trend, but fast turning into a consumer necessity and the start of a new era for the company.

After five years of exhaustive research & development, Altaaf finally had a product for his friends and advisors to sample. Their feedback was astounding with everyone agreeing he had produced the smoothest, purest water they had ever tasted. With this as the green light, he pushed the water into production and was finally able to present Aqua Pacific Natural Mineral Water, which far exceeded even his own optimistic expectations!

Aqua Pacific is a perfect evolution of nature and almost certainly the finest water you will ever drink. It is a culmination of the best that Fiji can offer, a precise combination of mineral content, PH balance, taste and texture, offering a drink that is cool, clean and crystal clear, yet refined and delicately balanced with a unique taste all of its own that is both smooth and naturally refreshing.

The mineral water is now distributed worldwide and its popularity grows daily. Our enthusiasm and belief in our product is shared by our dedicated network of global distributors who also believe that Aqua Pacific is the ‘only’ choice for natural premium mineral water.

Quite simply, Aqua Pacific Mineral Water is the end result of one man’s dream to create a premium bottled mineral water in a class of its own. Not only did Mohammed Altaaf succeed in doing this, but he went even further and now Aqua Pacific is quite simply the highest standard of quality and taste available in a bottled water, complimented by premium product packaging and all distributed by a company with an innovative approach to provide you with the very best water nature can supply.



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