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Beverage Companies: USA


Current consumer reports elucidate that over half the American population doesn’t trust the quality of both tap and bottled water. Additionally, over 80% of consumers want benefits or functionality in their water according to Beverage World.

This doesn’t leave consumers with very many options!

We address the problem by being the only brand to offer 100% pure (0.00 ppm), functional water captured from our patented eco-friendly process, bottled in glass for quality and sustainability.

Owned by a family who loves organic and natural foods, DIVINIA's mission is to provide a functional bottled water, free from toxins and pollutants, with operations that reduce carbon footprint and help local communities.

Our proprietary, award winning beverage is an entirely new category of water and our distribution model is radically different than existing models in the industry. We aim to change the way people drink water while making the world a better place now and generations to come.


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