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DLR Associates, Inc. Created Potencia Energy Drink. Potencia is a unique energy drink that combines exotic natural flavors like Tamarind with special ingredients to provide to our consumer a simple promise full of energy, strength and taste.. POTENCIA ENERGY DRINK is a true Latin energy drink, it is the very first energy drink known, made of the very popular Tamarind fruit, a sure favorite for Latino's everywhere. Imported directly from Mexico Tamarind fruit concentrate gives POTENCIA ENERGY DRINK a unique taste and more energy than most. The natural fruit gives POTENCIA a smooth taste with no aftertaste. Future flavors include Mandarin, Guava . Staying true to our Latin culture WITH OUR LATIN FLAVORS.. Our Industrial design can for an industrial culture, acknowledges 20 Latin countries. POTENCIA is owned by a Latina, Daisy Ramirez a true dedicated entrepreneur and visionary with the drive, determination and heart of a Lion.

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