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Kona Deep® is a Whole New Standard in Bottled Drinking Water. The source of unique Kona Deep® desalinized drinking water lies in Hawaii, in the undersea currents of the Global Conveyor Belt, at the exceptional depth of 3000 feet. At this depth, the pristine deep seawater is unspoiled, electrolyte-rich, and aged for millennia. Kona Deep®, bottled and certified at the source in Hawaii, is the result of this ancient water being shepherded with special care through a proprietary process that takes out almost all of the salt, but retains important natural electrolytes that are essential for the body and are easily absorbed. Kona Deep® has a clean, rich taste that quenches your thirst and replenishes body, mind and spirit. To enhance the flavor of all your favorite foods and beverages, prepare or compliment them with Kona Deep®.


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