Double Blue Jay Corporation


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Double Blue Jay Corporation is based in Riverview, Florida and is a diversified beverage company which develops, markets, and nationally distributes premium beverages. The company's management team has extensive experience in sales, marketing and distribution.

We believe in our business and in the integrity with which it was founded. Double Blue Jay creates mutually beneficial and trusting relationships that are in the best interests of long-term growth and profitability for everyone involved.

We believe that one of the keys to success in the beverage industry is differentiation, such as making Hammer’s Redneck Energy Drinks visually distinctive from other beverages on the shelves of retailers. We further segment our products through quality ingredients and distinctive flavors.

Hammer’s Redneck Punch is engaging, catchy, and fun and we hope that you enjoy Redneck Punch as much as we do! GETCHA SOME!


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