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Double D Beverage Co. is the Canadian company that produces Beaver Buzz Energy Drinks, and West Coast Energy. Back in May 2005, the privately-owned, British Columbia-born Double D company saw a need for a great tasting Energy Drink that Canadians could be proud to call their own, and Beaver Buzz was born! It became an instant hit, and after being flooded with American requests, Canada began sharing Beaver Buzz with our friends to the south, via Beaver Buzz is available on shelves across Canada, and comes in four great flavours (Citrus, Saskatoon Berry, Green Tea, and Canadian Punch). It remains a welcome salvation from the world of our chemical-tasting, hard-crashing competitors because it tastes better, is made with better ingredients, and gives you a better Buzz. In 2013 DD launched the fast growing West Coast Energy flavour. For distribution inquiries, contact Andrew via email at

Company News

Beaver Buzz Energy Celebrates 10 Years of Business

“Celebrating 10 years as an independent in the ultra-competitive energy drink category is an amazing accomplishment,” said Andrew Drayson, Managing Director of DD Beverage Co., “we’ve seen 100s of brands come and go over the past 10 years… it takes a special brand to compete on an un-level playing field to stand the test of time.”

Beaver Natural soda now available in Canada’s largest grocer

Latimer Lake BC. August, 2009. This summer of the 3 SKU’s of the Beaver Soda, premium micro brews; Canadian Cola, Rodeo Root Beer and Orange Cream will be available to consumers following their listing throughout Canada.

The Beaver Natural Soda brands have been a successful new entry into the declining CSD category.

“We are pleased to build on our existing partnership with Loblaws and provide …

Double D Beverage Corp. unveils the evolution of Beaver Buzz

Latimer Lake BC – in their continued movement towards athletes and functionality, Double D Beverage Corp will launch the Beaver Buzz Sport Brand trade wide and this will be the featured package going forward.

The new Beaver Buzz logo sports an edgy fierce looking Beaver Mascot and features high quality natural ingredients.

Company President and CFO Andrew Drayson said “Despite more than 4 years of success …

Beaver Buzz Energy and Beaver Natural Sodas will be available across the west in 7-Eleven this summer

Latimer Lake BC June 24th, 2009. Effective August 2009 5 SKU’s from Double D Functional Beverages will be sold for the first time in the US through 7-Eleven.

Beaver Buzz Energy Saskatoon Berry, Citrus and Green Tea will debut along with the company’s’ micro brewed Beaver Natural Sodas, Canadian Cola and Retro Root Beer. The listing includes some 850 stores in both the Northwest and …

Double D Beverage To Launch All Natural Canadian Cola


Lattimer Lake, BC, CANADA – April 4, 2009 – Beverage consumers who demand great tasting drinks derived from quality ingredients are already familiar with Beaver Buzz.

But now one of the most successful new beverage companies to enter the Canadian beverage industry is expanding its offerings from energy drinks to include a sexy line of All Natural Sodas

This will be the first mainstream all …