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There are three words that describe our product: Eco Friendly. Pure. Refreshing. Why these three words? Our bottle is Eco-friendly and is 100% Biodegradable and 100% Recyclable. We not only take great care with the bottle being eco friendly, but the water itself is tied to our vision for a healthy lifestyle. EcoThink Purified Water is filtered through a system called Reverse Osmosis, which is one of the top purification systems available. Our enhanced mineral water offers all of the taste and vitamin fortification like the leading national brands. What separate us from the leading brands is our turnkey formulas in which we DO NOT use Crystalline Fructose, they are sweetened naturally with no preservatives and all natural flavors and colors.

We are not only concerned about the product and how it can benefit the consumer, Eco Beverage Group was also founded on the belief that a business is only truly successful when it gives back. We donate money to non-profit organizations that help protect the eco system and Community Green Initiative Programs.


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