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By combining ancient wisdom with modern day science Mazu Gold™ represents not only the most unique health product, but one with which a whole new category of natural health and wellness is created.
Mazu Gold contains organic super nutrients from land and sea, manually harvested and processed to create a one of a kind Handcrafted Nutrition product. The highlight of Mazu Gold is Absorbanol™, an exclusive, proprietary process and custom blend of organic minerals and nutrients from the depth of the ocean to the core of the earth. Infused with Absorbanol™ - the potent effects of the main active ingredients, Ecklonia Cava Sea Kelp, Humic Nutrients and organic hand filleted Aloe Vera, are maximized to their fullest potential.
In your every day life you can turn to Mazu Gold™ for your personal pathway to a vibrant life! Designed to Elevate your senses, Boost your immune system and Protect your cells. Only 17 calories and just 3 grams of sugar per serving. Bottled in convenient 15.5oz bottles, easy to store in any size fridge and handy to take on the go!


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