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Brands See Flavor, Marketing Opportunities in Hybrid Drinks

As simple an idea as combining two existing beverages into one product might be, several brands are using the concept as a platform for exploring category-crossing innovations with a distinct appeal to millennial consumers.

Starbucks to Shutter Remaining Evolution Fresh Retail Stores

The decision to shutter the stores, which sold freshly prepared juices, snacks and sandwiches on-premise, will allow Starbucks “to sharpen its strategic focus” on Evolution Fresh’s RTD line of cold-pressed, high pressure processed juices, according to a company spokesperson.

Evolution Fresh Declares January 26 National Green Juice Day

To celebrate, Evolution Fresh is teaming up with leading on-demand delivery service Postmates to deliver free “Green Juice Breaks,” a three-pack of 15.2 fl. oz. cold-pressed, high-pressure processed Sweet Greens and Lemon juices, to customers in 15 select cities across the country.

Evolution Fresh Enters Canada

On Tuesday Evolution Fresh announced its debut in Canada where its juices will be sold in 1,300 Starbucks cafes nationwide.

Evolution Fresh Launches New Green Juices with Matcha

Evolution Fresh Organic Citrus Matcha and Organic Coconut Matcha are now available in Whole Foods and other natural grocery stores on the West Coast and in select East Coast cities.

Starbucks to Close Evolution Fresh Retail Store in San Francisco

Starbucks quietly announced its decision to shutter the Evolution Fresh store in San Francisco as part of a recent press release, one that focuses on the company plans to close its 23 La Boulange bakery cafés.

Evolution Fresh Launches “3 Days to Green” Campaign

evolutionfreshevolutionfreshWith the start of 2015 and an increasing number of people looking for ways to get vegetables into their diet[1], Evolution Fresh is offering four varieties of cold-pressed, high pressure processed (HPP) green juice that are made from more than a pound of green vegetables, have 10 grams of naturally occurring sugar or less per eight fluid ounce serving, and have no added flavors or …

Evolution Fresh Introduces Two New Smoothies

Cold-Pressed Organic Splendid Carrot features carrots accented with a sweet citrus burst from orange and pineapple. Cold-Pressed Organic Avocado Greens has a tropical sweetness from pineapple and orange.

News in Juice (of the Cold-Pressed Variety)

We may be facing the last throes of summer, but it’s clear that cold-pressed juice companies are anything but content to lean back and soak in the sun.
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