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Starbucks to Close Evolution Fresh Retail Store in San Francisco

Starbucks quietly announced its decision to shutter the Evolution Fresh store in San Francisco as part of a recent press release, one that focuses on the company plans to close its 23 La Boulange bakery cafés.

Evolution Fresh Launches “3 Days to Green” Campaign

evolutionfreshevolutionfreshWith the start of 2015 and an increasing number of people looking for ways to get vegetables into their diet[1], Evolution Fresh is offering four varieties of cold-pressed, high pressure processed (HPP) green juice that are made from more than a pound of green vegetables, have 10 grams of naturally occurring sugar or less per eight fluid ounce serving, and have no added flavors or …

Evolution Fresh Introduces Two New Smoothies

Cold-Pressed Organic Splendid Carrot features carrots accented with a sweet citrus burst from orange and pineapple. Cold-Pressed Organic Avocado Greens has a tropical sweetness from pineapple and orange.

News in Juice (of the Cold-Pressed Variety)

We may be facing the last throes of summer, but it’s clear that cold-pressed juice companies are anything but content to lean back and soak in the sun.

Press Clips: L.A. Clippers Sponsors Flee, Rebuke

Before the NBA fined and handed down a lifetime ban to Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, most sponsors of the basketball franchise were fleeing and expressing their criticisms. While some sponsors have already returned to the Clippers, a few beverage companies haven't done the same.

Press Clips: ‘Natural’ Modifier in Limbo, Trans Fats Near End, Analyzing Green Juice, Swift the Influencer, Mexican Coke Keeps Cane Sugar

An article in The Wall Street Journal by reporter Mike Esterl notes that food and beverage products labeled as “natural,” such as PepsiCo’s Naked juice, are beginning to shed the hazy modifier. Also, last Thursday, the FDA proposed measures that would “all but eliminate” artificial trans fats, a major contributor to heart disease in the U.S., from the food supply.

Starbucks Takes Evolution Fresh Eastward

Fourteen months after acquiring the brand, Starbucks today launched Evolution Fresh products in its cafés in New York City and Boston. The company said that while East Coast availability of Evolution Fresh will initially be limited to its stores in the two cities, the expansion “furthers growth plans to be in approximately 8,000 Starbucks and grocery locations by the end of the year.”

Evolution Fresh to Quadruple Production and Distribution Capacity with New Facility

Starbucks has announced plans to dramatically increase the production and distribution capacity of Evolution Fresh juices with the construction of a new juicing plant in Southern California. Starbucks, which acquired the ultra-premium juice company in November, will replace the company's current manufacturing plant in San Berdardino, Calif. with a new high-tech facility in Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., set to open in late 2013.

Starbucks Scoops Up Evolution Juice for $30 Million

It didn’t take long for Evolution Juice to realize its dream of using high-pressure pasteurization to go across the country. But it’s going to take a less traditional route to doing it – because it’s going to be carried on the fins of the Starbucks mermaid. The coffee giant yesterday announced today that it was purchasing the four year-old juice company for $30 million, and plans to use it as the lynchpin of a bold move into what chairman Howard Schultz termed a “$50 billion health and wellness sector.”
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