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About F12:

F12 Marketing, LLC was formed in 2006 by music and film veterans Flaviano Arroyo (Flip) and Brandon C. Rodegeb (B-12). With the help of their consultant Chauncey Banks who helped launch such brands as Hyphy, 18 Dummy and Hunid Racks, F12 Marketing was born to produce and market their first brand JUICED UP Energy Drink. F12 (which is an combination of both of the owner's names), believes that the Energy Drink market can be more effectively penetrated by drinks that are "regional" and appeal to specific demographics and markets hence JUICED UP which will appeal to the urban, Lowrider culture which is predominately made of Latinos and more specifically "Chicanos". Later this year and in early 2008, F12 will launch two other energy drink brands and plans to expand in hybrid drinks such as "Liquor and Energy Drink" mixes.

About The Drink:

Juiced Up is more than just an energy drink, it's a way of thinking, a way of life. Created for anyone who stays on-the-go,
Juiced Up's unique Strawberry and Apple Energy Formulation combines these great flavors with a refreshing and healthy boost of Ginseng, Taurine and Guarana to help you lead a vital and productive life. Get Juiced Up!!!

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