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Fife Packaging is a full service, nonintegrated supplier folding carton company offering a wide array of production and production support services. Fife takes pride in its strengths in the beverage carton segment as well as food and general purpose cartons. Flexible, Sustainable, Reliable and Competitive!

Company News

Danone to Acquire WhiteWave Foods for $12.5 Billion

The deal will nearly double the size of Danone’s North America footprint, increasing it from 12 to 22 percent of the company’s total portfolio and align it with several fast-growing brands focused on healthy and sustainable lifestyles.

Muscle Milk Signs Noah Syndergaard

The MUSCLE MILK® brand will feature Syndergaard in marketing collateral at retail locations throughout New York, in digital and social content and through unique brand experiences for retail and distributor partners.

Humboldt County’s First Gin Is In: Dutch & Dewey Distillery’s Horse Mountain Gin

Dutch & Dewey Distillery, a small-batch, sustainably run producer, distiller, and bottler, announces the launch of its Horse Mountain Gin, a premium, handcrafted 96 proof dry gin that balances the classic juniper character of London Dry with the bright, citrus notes of New Western style.

Campari America Introduces The Baron Samedi Spiced Rum

The Baron Samedi Spiced Rum – named for the Haitian guardian of all things enchantingly dark and otherworldly. The 90-proof spirit is now available in select U.S. markets nationwide.

Bulleit Adds Barrel Strength Offering to Family of Whiskeys

Distilled in Kentucky from the highest quality ingredients, this new variant is a barrel strength version of Bulleit Bourbon with the same high-rye mash bill – roughly 2/3 corn and 1/3 rye.

Luxco Introduces New Flavors for Rebel Yell Bourbon

Rebel Yell Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey has added two new flavors to its current family lineup. Rebel Yell Ginger Whiskey and Rebel Yell Root Beer Whiskey, both bottled at 70 proof, will be available nationwide in April.

Avure Expands as 300th HPP Machine Rolls Off the Line

The demand for HPP equipment is being driven by everyone from large, multinational companies that are adding HPP product lines to small start-ups who developed their product with HPP from the beginning,” said Lisa Pitzer, Avure’s Marketing Director.

Distribution Arm of Columbia Gorge Reduces Area Coverage, Focuses on West Coast

The move, confirmed by company president Jimmy Stewart, represents another reduction in area coverage for Cogo Northwest, which in addition to Columbia Gorge juices carries those from Stumptown Coffee, GT’s Kombucha and HotLips Soda, among others, on its trucks.

Austin Cocktails Releases Two New Craft Offerings

Austin Cocktails – a family-owned company and leader in the category – is pleased to announce the launch of two new small-batch, craft cocktails. The offerings, Fred’s Ruby Red Cocktail and Bergamot Orange Margarita, will launch with a newly updated label in California, Colorado, Texas and New York/Tri-State Market in Q4 2015.
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