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Pimp Juice – the Purple Label Launches in conjunction with the 3rd annual P.I.M.P “Upgrade Your Life” Scholarship Contest

@@img1 (St. Louis, MO) Wednesday, August 8th, 2007- Fillmore Street Brewery and Nelly are proud to announce the first flavor addition to the Pimp Juice family: Pimp Juice- The Purple Label. The Purple Label Pimp Juice is lightly carbonated and possesses a fresh Prickly Pear/ Pomegranate flavor. FSB is proud to introduce a truly premium anti-oxidant/ energy drink with a proprietary blend of Acai, Ascorbic Acid, …

Pimp Juice Launch in South Africa Makes Big Splash

St. Louis, MO – May, 2007- As reported on the front page of the Johannesburg Star Newspaper in South Africa, Fillmore Street Brewery, the makers of Nelly’s pimp juice energy drink, have completed their first licensed run in Africa with Mathews Phosa, Peter Friedman, and their MojaLife company. Nelly and Fillmore Street Brewery are proud to add distribution on the African continent to Pimp Juice’s …

Pimp Juice Gains Extra Strength and Expands International Sales

(Los Angeles, CA) March 2006 – In addition to the reduced calorie PJ Tight, EXTRA-STRENGTH Pimp Juice will soon be making its way onto the energy drink market. Containing 81 milligrams of caffeine, Extra-Strength Pimp Juice is much more potent than its predecessor. According to Fillmore Street Brewery’s President William Wooten, “Most of our market research indicated that our customers loved the taste of the …

Nelly and Pimp Juice Reach International Markets!

St. Louis- Traditionally, other countries around the globe have been fascinated with American Pop Culture, and with Hip Hop it is no different. Music Icon Nelly is a favorite of several of our International counterparts, and most recently not only his music is making headlines! The rapid success of Nelly’s energy drink Pimp Juice has generated attention and interest due to the thought-provoking product name. …

Nelly supports Pimp Juice with Star Power

Hip Hop superstar Nelly is taking advantage of his celebrity to support his new energy drink, Pimp Juice. Nelly’s new ladies clothing line, Apple Bottoms, recently hosted a model search in conjunction with VH1. VH1 produced the reality show that is currently being aired on their station which prominently displays Pimp Juice throughout the hour-long special (Please see the schedule below.).

In addition, Nelly will …

Hip Hop Superstar Nelly Launches “Pimp Juice” Energy Drink

@@img1 St. Louis, MO – If you told music superstar Nelly that there was no room for another energy drink in the market, do you know what he would do? he would attack the beverage market with the same unstoppable drive that he has demonstrated in every other venture where he was told “no”. Just like his music career, people told him that an energy …