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First Juice® is the first brand launched by First Juice, Inc. First Juice is the nation's first organic, low sugar, fruit and vegetable juice for infants and toddlers. First Juice, Inc. is based in Randolph, NJ, which is also home to the moms and dads who lead the company everyday.

First Juice, Inc. is a socially responsible business backed by private investors who believe that delivering great products for parents and their children is good business.

Company News

First Juice Organic Juice Beverage for Kids Announces Two New Flavors Featuring … Purple Carrots


RANDOLPH, N.J., Feb. 2 /PRNewswire/ — First Juice, Inc., the folks who brought you the first organic fruit and vegetable juice beverages designed specifically for young, developing taste buds, has introduced two new flavors featuring purple carrots. New blueberry+purple carrot and peach+purple carrot join the already popular apple+carrot and banana+carrot First Juice flavors. And, if you are wondering … yes, purple carrots are real!

First …

First Juice(R) Helps Toddlers Grow Healthy without Growing their Sweet Tooth

MT. FREEDOM, N.J., March 10 /PRNewswire/ — Parents of young children know how hard it can be to feel good about the foods their children like and want. Cultivating healthy eating habits early on, when research shows lifelong habits are forming, is a goal shared by all parents. Getting more of the “good” stuff and less of the “bad” into toddlers’ diets is tough and …