FlexXray Foreign Material Inspection

FlexXray Foreign Material Inspection


FlexXray offers X-ray inspection solutions to food and beverage companies across North America. Our x-ray food detection and recovery services will help food companies minimize risk and prevent potential product recalls.

FlexXray's foreign material detection and contaminant removal services are provided to the following food and beverage industries:

Meat & Poultry
Processed Foods
Raw Materials
Canned and Bottled Goods
Pet & Animal Products
Consumer Goods


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At FlexXray Foreign Material Detection, our X-ray inspection systems can detect anything from metal or wood, to container defects and components down to 0.8mm and smaller. 

FlexXray can handle any size project, and can detect foreign contamination in food products with quick turnaround, saving you money, and protecting your reputation.

We also offer rentals of our X-ray food inspection equipment, as well as contaminant retrieval and removal services, can and jar dud detection, and warehouse and re-packaging solutions. 

FlexXray serves companies in sectors of the food & beverage industry, as well as consumer and industrial goods throughout all of North America.


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