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Fluxome is a global supplier of natural ingredients with beneficial effects to the human health. We believe that our unique technology and our focused efforts towards developing safe and natural nutraceutical ingredients from a secure and renewable source can help make a difference for our customers.

We manufacture natural trans-resveratrol from fermentation. Fluxome Resveratrol offers the following:
- Min. 98% purity
- Consistent high quality
- Taste - and odorless
- Produced in the US
- New high standards in terms of safety and reliability of supply
- GRAS status

Fluxome is in the process of obtaining Novel Foods approval for Fluxome Resveratrol.

We also offer Fluxome Beta Glucan - a new generation of immune stimulating beta glucans. Fluxome Beta Glucan offers the following:
- Clinically Documented Immune Effects
- Beta glucan in its natural state representing the real immune stimulating effects of mushrooms
- Produced by fermentation
- GRAS & Novel Foods approved
- Consistent high quality and no contaminants

Company News

Fluxome Resveratrol Obtains GRAS Status

(04.04.2011) Fluxome® Resveratrol has obtained self affirmed GRAS and it has thus been confirmed to be safe to use as a food ingredient. The GRAS status enables further use of natural resveratrol in food and beverage applications.

It is critical to ensure that the nutraceutical ingredients added to food products are safe to consume. Resveratrol ingredients are obviously not an exemption. In consequence Fluxome initiated …