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Fluxome is a global supplier of natural ingredients with beneficial effects to the human health. We believe that our unique technology and our focused efforts towards developing safe and natural nutraceutical ingredients from a secure and renewable source can help make a difference for our customers.

We manufacture natural trans-resveratrol from fermentation. Fluxome Resveratrol offers the following:
- Min. 98% purity
- Consistent high quality
- Taste - and odorless
- Produced in the US
- New high standards in terms of safety and reliability of supply
- GRAS status

Fluxome is in the process of obtaining Novel Foods approval for Fluxome Resveratrol.

We also offer Fluxome Beta Glucan - a new generation of immune stimulating beta glucans. Fluxome Beta Glucan offers the following:
- Clinically Documented Immune Effects
- Beta glucan in its natural state representing the real immune stimulating effects of mushrooms
- Produced by fermentation
- GRAS & Novel Foods approved
- Consistent high quality and no contaminants


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