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Function Drinks was founded by physician around one idea: to bring effective, science-based, all natural functional beverages to the marketplace. Currently, Function has five products on the market and is one of the fastest growing companies in the beverage industry. Function Urban Detox is the perfect daily tonic for city living: it protects your lungs and sinuses from airborne pollution, corrects the nutritional deficiencies from excess alcohol consumption, and supports your healthy liver and immune system. Function Brainiac is based on targeted antioxidant synergy: it promotes mental acuity and boosts your memory, all without the use of any stimulants. Function Youth Trip helps promote youthful health, strength, and physical appearance: it employs targeted anti-oxidant synergy to support strong, youthful skin, connective tissue, and bones. Function Shock Sport works for rapid recovery after your work-outs: it has a natural anti-imflammatory that will help to heal sore muscles and joints. Function Alternative energy will keep you going for 6-8 hours: it has four energy boosting ingredients that will release at a smooth, consistent rate.

Company News

Sunsweet Names Innovation Group

Sunsweet Growers Inc. has posted notice that it plans to be a player in the entrepreneurial beverage market.

The supplier of all things prune announced that it was forming a subsidiary called Disruptive Beverages Inc. (DBI) as part of its just-announced purchase of Function Drinks. DBI isn’t stopping at Function, according to Sunsweet.…

Sunsweet Purchases Function Drinks

YUBA CITY, Calif., Aug. 8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Sunsweet Growers Inc. today announced its acquisition of Function Drinks, a Southern California company known for its line of innovative, dietary supplement beverages. The acquisition is part of Sunsweet’s ongoing initiative to leverage its unique set of skills and resources to help emerging beverage brands break through to mainstream success.


“We’re very excited about …

Function Drinks Launches into Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Redondo Beach, CA – October 1, 2009 -Function Drinks announced today their launch into The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, the popular “California born and brewed” family-run specialty coffee and tea retailer. Starting today, Function is rolling into 16 of their Southern California locations from Ventura to Orange Counties and will continue expansion in coming months.

“The opportunity to work with another Southern California based …

Function Drinks Launches Function: Light Weight Peach Mango, And Function: Alternative Energy Strawberry Guava


Redondo Beach, CA – March 18, 2009 – Function Drinks is pleased to announce the expansion of its popular Functional platforms – adding a Strawberry Guava flavored Function: Alternative Energy and Peach Mango flavored Function: Light Weight to its lineup of physician-created beverages.

“Given that our customers enjoy the benefits of Function: Light Weight and Function: Alternative Energy throughout their entire day, we wanted to …

Function Drinks launches two flavor extensions


Redondo Beach, CA – May 1, 2008 – Function Drinks is pleased to announce that the functionalities of their products, Function: Urban Detox and Function: Light Weight, will now be available in additional flavors. The flavor extensions of both functional platforms are the first new products the Southern California brand has launched this year. The new additions to the Function line are a Function: Urban …

Function Drinks Launches Three New Functionalities to Boost your Immune System, Improve Your Mood, and Ignite Your Metabolism


@@img1Redondo Beach, CA – May 30, 2007 – Function Drinks announced today the launch of three new functional platforms to join their current line. The new beverages, named to reflect their distinct functionalities, include House Call, to boost your immune system; Vacation, to improve your mood; and Light Weight, a comprehensive strategy for weight loss: fat burn, carbohydrate block, and metabolism boost. Function will immediately …

Function Drinks Brings on SoBe Dream Team – Marty Jay Zirofsky, Tim Larsen, & Terry Casey to Join Bob Miller for National Launch


@@img1Redondo Beach, CA – May 16, 2007 – Function Drinks announced today that they have reunited the all-star team that led SoBe Beverage Co. to national recognition. The new executive sales team includes Marty Jay Zirofsky, Vice President Eastern Division; Tim Larsen, VP Western Division; and Terry Casey who will direct the Midwest. The team will oversee the national expansion of the Southern California brand …

Introducing Function Drinks


Physician Alex Hughes founded Santa Monica-based MD Drinks, Inc., maker of function drinks, around one simple, powerful idea: to bring physician-developed functional beverages based on proven clinical science to consumers. “In the hospital, doctors use many natural yet powerful supplements, more than most consumers realize, to achieve a wide range of effects,”Dr. Hughes explains. “Most doctors take the use of these natural agents for granted …