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Hansen & Co. has since 1985 been working as an import and marketing company of beverages to the Danish and Scandinavian market. Since the beginning our goal has been to bring new and exiting beverages to consumers in these markets. Our passion is as much in finding the most interesting products for our markets as it is to continuously build and develop those brands for the long haul. During our more than 20 years in business we have experienced a growing consumer fascination and demand for the type of products we are bringing to market. We get exited when we in close partnership with both our customers and our suppliers are able to grow distribution, sales and brand awareness for products we feel are extraordinary and offers unique consumer benefits.

Mission:The future consumers will increasingly be seeking alternative beverages that offer value in the form of health benefits, organic purity, functionality, design, simplicity, complexity and a unique story. Our mission is to fully support this demand.

Vision: At Hansen & Co. we have a vision to be the preferred partner for Brand holders to import and market their products in Denmark and Scandinavia. And we aim to be the preferred partner for our customers to offer them the most interesting, trend leading and value adding products for the consumers. And we strive to inspire this process with the best of our creativity and innovation to attract consumer interest and satisfaction.

Competence: In a competitive market we have to be a step ahead of our other beverage colleagues. It is therefore important for us that we have the greatest competence in our field within product and market knowledge, sales, marketing, logistics and finance. At Hansen & Co. all employees have many years of leading experience within these areas and specifically in the beverage industry. Our combined experiences in this business have given us a unique and invaluable network of stakeholders within suppliers, customers, consumers groups, public affairs, marketing and communication bureau’s to assist us with the leading know-how to meet our objective of being successful in the beverage business


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