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Expo East 2017 Recap

Natural product brands and manufacturers of all sizes and types came from across the country to Baltimore, Md., last week for Natural Products Expo East 2017. From subtle product updates to category-disrupting innovations, this year’s expo, held Sept. 13-16 at the Baltimore Convention Center, gave attendees a chance to see and experience the latest developments in beverage firsthand

Harmless Harvest Execs Discuss Ending Use of HPP

The change comes nearly five months after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned Harmless Harvest that it was not doing enough to ensure the safety of its coconut water products.

Harmless Harvest to Temporarily Suspend Bottling Operations Following FDA Warning Letter

Harmless Harvest's recently appointed CEO, Gianella Alvarez, addressed the issue in a statement published on Harmless Harvest's website, saying the company is currently working alongside "FDA regulators, other oversight agencies and expert consultants" to make "process enhancements" that will ensure compliance with the FDA's regulatory regulations.

Harmless Harvest Adds CEO, COO

Fair trade-focused coconut water brand Harmless Harvest today announced that it is adding a pair of experienced big-company executives to help run the business.

Panera Adds Blueprint, Harmless Harvest, Joia

Expanding upon a commitment to sell food items made without artificial ingredients, Panera Bread today announced plans to add offerings from Blueprint, Harmless Harvest and Joia to its bottled beverage lineup.

Q&A: Harmless Harvest Co-Founder Discusses “Raw” Revamp

BevNET recently spoke with Harmless Harvest co-founder Justin Guilbert to discuss in further detail why the company removed "100% Raw" and "Never Heated" from its labels and also addressed several questions as to whether external pressures, litigation and/or an updated formulation played a role in the updated positioning.

Harmless Harvest Earns Fair Trade Certification

In its assessment, Fair for Life praised Harmless Harvest as being “meticulous about setting up their business to benefit fair trade, the environment, and health.”

Harmless Harvest Launches 100% Raw Coconut Water with Cinnamon & Clove

San Francisco, CA. Fresh off the heels of launching the first ever 100% Raw Tea, Harmless Harvest and Whole Foods Market are releasing a limited time offering for the holidays. This seasonal recipe blends therapeutic levels of organic cinnamon and clove extracts using the wildly popular 100% Raw & Organic Coconut Water as a base. With some extra bite and fragrant warmth accentuating the signature …

Video: Harmless Harvest’s Sustained Drive for Innovation

Although the use of HPP has been limited to a handful of beverages in the juice and coconut water categories, the processing method -- which uses pressure instead of heat to make a raw product safe to consume -- has for the first time been employed in a tea drink. And, unsurprisingly, it's the restless folks at Harmless Harvest, which helped pioneer the use of HPP in beverages, who are behind it.

Harmless Harvest Launches First 100% Raw & Organic Tea at Whole Foods

In 2011, Harmless Harvest launched its 100% raw & organic coconut water to popular acclaim.  Two years later the pioneering beverage company has set out to “reconnect people to the plant” in another beverage category: Tea.

As with their first product, when it comes to tea, the madness (or genius) is in the method:  After two years of research and development, the company has finalized …

Harmless Harvest Pours It On with New Bag in Box Dispenser

The folks at Harmless Harvest just can’t seem to shake the innovation bug. Having launched the first 100 percent “raw” and organic coconut water two years ago and recently unveiled a unique cold brewed drink made with raw tea leaves, the company has introduced a new bag-in-box coconut water dispenser. The dispenser was jointly developed with Whole Foods Market, a key strategic retail partner for Harmless Harvest.
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