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HER Energy races into Indiana with Grocers Supply Company

Los Angeles, CA – On the heels of a successful Indy 500, HER Energy has partnered with Grocers Supply Company, Inc. for distribution, covering all of Indiana and four surrounding states. The new distributor supports key regions where the beverage is already found at select Target and SuperTarget stores, enhancing the brand’s Midwest presence. This expands HER’s availability from select Target stores in 37 states, …

Her Energy debuts their 12 count Dispenser Pack on

LOS ANGELES, CA–Her Enterprises Inc. today announced their new 12 count Dispenser Pack is available on Both the regular pink lemonade no carb/no sugar flavors are available. This expands Her’s availability from select Target stores nationwide, distribution by Viking Beverages in Minnesota and Wisconsin and numerous retailers, boutiques and C Stores throughout Southern California and New York.

Her Enterprises Inc. is an independent beverage …