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High Voltage Beverages is located in Charlotte, NC. It's run by two entrepreneurs, Bill Sipper and Owen Ryan. Ryan created the VOLT® brand in 1997 and over the years he carefully researched it with consumers across America. He heard them say they wanted drinks that were different than the same old sodas and sports drinks their parents and grandparents drank. They wanted more choices and more taste intensity than offered by those leading carbonated citrus sodas and sports drinks brands that have been around since practically forever!

VOLT® "Citrus Shock" soda is formulated with a high intensity citrus flavor that delivers a really refreshing taste. And does so with just the right blend of "energy drink" ingredients like Taurine, Ginseng and Guarana. VOLT is definitely different. VOLT's naturally-flavored sports drinks are fortified with antioxidant vitamins B6, B12, A & E and contain Taurine for an extra boost of energy. Plus, VOLT is formulated to replace important electrolytes your body needs.

We will always listen to what you say. Volt's creator Owen Ryan says: "We promise to give you exciting and energized choices in the drinks you drink everyday. We know we're competing with the big boys and if we're going to win, we need your help. And to get your help, VOLT has to be different and taste better! Everyday we wake up and realize that we have to battle against the biggest soft drink brands on the planet, so to get you to spend your money on our products — instead of on their products — we have to innovate and always stay a step ahead!"

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