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The BAWLS beverage line is a refreshing, highly-caffeinated soda infused with Guarana. What is Guarana? A berry containing natures highest source of caffeine, harvested in the Amazonian rainforest. Since the Brands launch in 1996, the Guarana goodness of BAWLS smooth, citrus crème soda taste, award-winning packaging and naturally-caffeinated kick has fueled the days and nights of millions of heavy-eyed students, techies, professionals and athletes everywhere.

Company News

BAWLS Guarana Gains Distribution in Hawaii

Koha Oriental Foods will distribute all BAWLS Guarana caffeinated soda products across the Hawaiian Islands.

BAWLS Guarana Enters Safeway’s Oregon Division

Safeway is adding the beverage line to its cold box and dry shelf sections in all Safeway stores in Oregon and Southern Washington.

BAWLS Guarana Expands Distribution in Pennsylvania

L.T. Verrastro Inc. of Old Forge, Pennsylvania will distribute all the Brand’s highly caffeinated soda products among 10 Eastern Pennsylvania counties.

Review: Bawls Orange

BAWLS Guarana’s latest flavor, Orange, is a nice translation of a classic orange soda into what is effectively an energy drink.

BAWLS Guarana Adds Mandarin Orange Flavor

BAWLS Mandarin Orange is the latest refreshing flavor to hit the market since Root Beer debuted in 2008.

BAWLS Guarana Launches New Website

BAWLS Guarana partnered with TRIAD Communications/Next Level Interactive to redesign to transform the brand’s online presence into one that connects with BAWLS fans, a very niche target audience, and empowers them to share their stories and passion for the brand.

Bawls Acquisition Reports Growth at the Close of the First Quarter

Bawls Acquisition, maker of the BAWLS Guarana super-caffeinated line of sodas, is pleased to announce continued expansion of product distribution nationwide.

In late 2012, Tennessee Crown of Chattanooga began distribution of BAWLS Guarana strengthening the presence of the brand in the state of Tennessee. Simultaneously, a relationship with Folsom Distributors out of Wood River, IL was renewed resulting in a BAWLS comeback across Missouri and …

BAWLS Guarana Back in New Mexico

February 26, 2013 — The refreshing taste of BAWLS Guarana has returned to New Mexico after and extended period of absence. The beverage manufacturer is happy to announce that BAWLS Guarana Original, Cherry and Root Beer flavors are finally back on store shelves throughout 75% of the state, thanks to a newly established relationship with Duke City Wholesale based out of Albuquerque.  The BAWLS line …

BAWLS Guarana Revamps Can to Boost Sales

CHICAGO — BAWLS Guarana, manufacturer of the line of premium super caffeinated sodas, has revamped its 16oz. aluminum can. The BAWLS parent company elected to partner with Rexam due in part to its reputation for quality in the beverage industry as well as the recyclability of their products.

Over the last two and one half years, BAWLS has maintained a positive growth trajectory and has …

BAWLS Guarana Reports Continued Growth After Second Fiscal Year

Miami, FL— November 16, 2012 – BAWLS Guarana, reports steady growth and strong results at the close of its second full fiscal year in operation. This can be attributed to the BAWLS distribution network being strengthened through the addition of 13 new DSD partners.

Having achieved another year of successful sales over prior year and solid growth, BAWLS executives expect this trend to continue into …

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